Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

We ask that tenants carefully read, understand and agree to the following rules/protocols.

Moab  Coworking Space: 

  • Cleaning up after using community spaces (kitchen, lounge, etc.) is required, failure to do so will result in a cleaning fee of $30/hr. 
  • Smoking is limited to the sides of the building, including: the Side Yard, the green picnic table on the East side, and the West entrance.  
  • Headphones are required for any audio use.
  • Approve all posters before posting on bulletin in front of MARC building. 
  • No unauthorized storage of personal equipment or belongings without Moab Arts staff approval. 
  • Please use discretion and courtesy when taking phone calls in the Coworking Space.
  • Label and date all food and drink left in the fridge/community space. Food/drink the fridge longer than 14 days will be removed by Moab Arts staff. 
  • In the event that a full-facility rental is happening during work hours, tenants will be asked to use the West entrance. 
  • Please do not touch the thermostat. If you are uncomfortable with the temperature of the room, please consult a staff member.



  • Moab Arts and Recreation Center is an Arts center and multi-purpose space. Please enjoy the local and regional art displays around our building. If you see a piece you love, please be in touch to make a purchase!

     Moab Arts and Recreation Center Rental Applications are non-transferable and are only valid for the rooms, times, and event(s) specified in the agreement and are contingent upon the renter’s compliance with the following policies. If there

    are any changes to the following policies, the Moab Arts and Recreation Center (hereafter known as the MARC), reserves the right to require a new agreement to be approved and signed by the MARC and the renter.


     1. Payment: Payment is processed upon event approval in Proximity. Reservation Requests are submitted to the Moab Arts Admin team and your card will not be charged until the reservation is approved. You must have a card or account information on file to book a reservation. An ongoing renter’s payment is due the fifth of each month via auto-pay credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover).

     2. Rental Times: Rental times need to include setup and cleanup, and are booked in 15 minute increments with a one-hour minimum, and start on the hour, ½ hour, or ¼ hour.

     3. Availability: All rentals are subject to availability, with priority given to arts, recreation, and education opportunities and city programing. Free space is available to the City of Moab on a space available basis only.

     4. Refunds: No refund will be given if the cancellation is 14 days or fewer prior to use. For cancellations 15-30 days prior to use, a 50% refund is given. Cancellation more than 30 days away from event will receive a full refund. There are no refunds for time slots or equipment reserved but not used. Refunds are not issued for Alcohol Use Permits. 

     5. On-going/Weekly Rentals: Ongoing renters or weekly renters are defined by the following:

  • On-going/Weekly renters are renters who reserve space at the MARC at least once a week and have signed a rental contract for a 6 month period

  • Must rent same space and time week to week (or biweekly)

  • Discounts available: inquire with MARC staff to see if you are eligible.

  • Full amount due at the 5th of the month via credit card auto-pay.

     Weekly renters are expected to provide on-going rental dates upfront (3 months-at-a-time scheduling maximum). If you   need to re-schedule, cancel or change something about your series, please do so with as much notice as possible.

     6. Cleanup Fees and Damage Deposits: All renters are to leave a room in at least as good condition as they found it. This includes returning tables, stacking chairs, sweeping and mopping the floor, emptying trash, ensuring bathrooms are clean, checking kitchen areas, and removing all personal items. Spills are to be cleaned up by the renter. You are responsible for turning off lights and locking the building when you leave (with exception of the front door which is set to lock at a specific time to accommodate rentals). Any individual or organization that does not comply with the above will be charged a minimum $30 cleaning fee billed at

    $30/hour/staff-person. This, along with any damages, will be charged to the renter’s card on file.

     7. Double Booking: Last minute changes to scheduling occasionally occur. If MARC staff asks an ongoing renter/recurring reservation to relinquish space for which they have already paid, the MARC shall return related rental fees as credit in our booking system. This does not apply to one time bookings.

      8. Cancellation of Agreement: MARC staff reserves the right to discontinue any rental contract if the activity proves disruptive to neighbors or concurrent users. The agreement can also be cancelled if the renter does not adhere to the terms of the agreement set forth

    in these policies. Renters who violate the terms of their agreement may be disqualified from future rentals at the MARC.

     9. Private Parties: Private parties must be made within 1 week of the rental date. However, a month notice or more is preferred. A $500 refundable damage deposit is required for all private party rentals. Some private parties may be required to rent the full facility, at the discretion of MARC staff. *See Alcohol Policy if alcohol will be available/served.


    1. Multi-Use: The MARC is a public facility, with simultaneous users, and is not necessarily staffed during all open hours. Renters should assume there is a group before and after them as well as concurrent events. All renters are required to ensure that attendees minimize unnecessary noise, refrain from running, sliding down the banisters, remain in the rooms rented, clean up space after use, and are courteous to other renters. The signer of the rental agreement is responsible for the attendees’ behavior. Please inform MARC staff off any conflicts with other users as soon as possible.


    1. Children: Children must remain supervised at all times and in the rooms rented throughout the event. If you need additional space for child care during your event, please rent a downstairs room and arrange for supervision.


    1. Renovation: The MARC, built in 1926, is a historic building and undergoes periods of renovation. Renters and participants should be aware of potential construction work, noise, odor, dust, etc. The MARC will make every reasonable effort to inform renters of construction work when it conflicts with a renter’s schedule.


    1. Storage: NO apparatus, furniture, decoration, or equipment is to be left at the MARC without prior approval from MARC staff. The MARC Director may consider requests for exceptions or special circumstances. Storage privileges can be revoked at any time as rental needs and building policies change. All approved storage items must be clearly labeled with the renter’s name and contact information.  The MARC is not responsible for loss or theft of items stored.


    1. Event plan: The renter is required to clearly communicate any information pertinent to a proposed event to MARC staff ONE- MONTH PRIOR to determine space arrangements, special services, and equipment necessary to the staging and proper management of the event. MARC staff will accommodate requests to the best of their abilities, but can make no guarantees. The MARC is an Arts center and therefore displays various art around the building. All art displays are to remain in their place, uncovered, and unharmed. Banners on the front of the building are permitted, with permission, and must be hung to the left or right of the building sign above front doors. Renters must receive MARC staff permission to decorate or otherwise transform the space.


    1. Set up: Doors and hallways may not be blocked due to fire code regulations; combustibles and flammables may not be placed near entrances or exits (this includes decorations). If MARC staff asks for something to be moved, renter must comply with the request. Renters are fully responsible for their own set-up.


    1. Ramp access: There is a ramp on the back side of the MARC, with an entry into the dance room. Please remember to unlock the ramp access door for public events and for any private events when needed.


    1. Noise: Please do not leave interior or exterior doors or windows open during louder events. The sound can easily carry to the MARC’s neighbors or to other rooms in the MARC. Moab City’s noise ordinance goes into effect at 10 p.m. All events must end prior to 11:00pm.


    1. Parking: In addition to parking in front of, on the side of and across from the MARC building, renters should inform attendees to park near the Post Office, at 100N and Main Street, or on Center Street. Renters and attendees may not block residential driveways.


    1. Lock up: Renters must close windows, and close and lock side doors at the end of their session, if after 5 pm, or as instructed by MARC staff. The front doors are set to lock at specific times and do not need to be locked upon your exit.


    1. Hours: The MARC offices are open at from 8am - 5pm M-F. Rentals may occur no later than 11:00pm, including breaking down and cleaning up event or meeting.


     13. Furniture: The MARC has minimal furniture to allow for easy set-up and break-down for the variety of events that take place in our facility. If you need to move furniture to accommodate your set-up, PLEASE return all objects to the place that you found them when cleaning up. 

  • 14. Artwork: The MARC hosts regular Art Shows and has artwork hung and displayed throughout the building. Renters are not allowed to touch or move the artwork. If you have questions or need something moved, please ask MARC staff for assistance. If artwork is damaged by a renter, they are responsible for compensating the artist for the work.


    1. If the MARC is destroyed or damaged by fire, extreme weather event or any other situation out of the MARC’s control, this agreement will be null and void and renter will receive a full refund. However, the MARC will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential losses resulting from the cancellation of this agreement.


    1. Renters are not required to carry their own liability insurance; however, each renter is required to use the building responsibly and adhere to fire, safety and health codes, including maximum occupancy regulations.


    1. The renter assumes liability for loss, theft, property damage, and personal injury and shall be responsible for the payment of any and all damages to the building, furnishings, fixtures or equipment, whether caused by the lessee or any members of the rental party even to the extent that damage exceeds deposit.


    1. Renters are responsible for advertising, ticket-taking, and fee collection for their own events/classes.


    1. An individual business license may be required for renting space at the MARC. Renter should check with the City of Moab and comply with any city licensing requirements including completion of Moab City sales tax form required for sales of entertainment and/or goods.


  • For MARC Event Rentals, Tenants, and Studio Rentals:

    • USE – Tenant agrees that Tenant, and Tenant’s guests, use of the Premises is limited  to that specified in Tenant’s rental application.  

      1. Applicable Laws – Tenant shall obey, and require anyone else on the  Premises to obey, all laws and restrictions that apply to the Premises as well as any  federal laws, state laws, municipal ordinances and act in a manner that does not  unreasonably disturb any neighbors or constitute a breach of peace. 
      2. Alterations – Tenant may not make alterations or improvements to the Premises without first obtaining permission from the MARC in writing of the  specific improvement or alteration and how the improvement or alteration will be made. 
      3. Animals – Animals other than service animals are not permitted on the Premises. 
      4. MARC Personal Property – Tenant may not disturb, remove or move MARC personal property without first obtaining permission from the MARC in writing of the item to be disturbed, removed or moved.
      5. Occupancy – Occupancy in excess of that specified in Tenant’s rental  application is prohibited without MARC's written consent and will be considered a  breach of this Rental Agreement.
      6. MARC Policies – Tenant agrees to abide by all MARC policies and procedures, including but not limited to those contained in the MARC Facility Rental Policies, On-Going Rental Policies, Alcohol Event Use License and the  Equipment Rental Application (“MARC Policies”) which are incorporated by this reference into this Agreement.
    • MARC’S ACCESS – MARC or a MARC representative may enter the Premises under the following conditions: 

      1. At any time for the protection or preservation of the Premises; 
      2. After notice as required by State law for the purpose of repairing the Premises; 
      3. To inspect the Premises; make necessary or agreed-upon repairs, decorations,  alterations, or improvements; supply agreed services;
      4. To exhibit the Premises to prospective or actual purchasers, mortgagees,  tenants, workers, or contractors under any of the following circumstances: With Tenant’s consent; In case of emergency, when Tenant unreasonably withholds consent, if Tenant is absent from the Premises for a period of at least one-half  a Rental Installment Period. (If the rent is current and Tenant notifies MARC of an intended absence, then the MARC may only enter with Tenant’s  consent or for the protection or preservation of the Premises.)
    • DEFAULT – Tenant shall be in default if the following occurs during the term of  the Rental Agreement: 

      1. Tenant fails to pay rent when it is due and the default continues for three (3) business days (business days are defined as Monday through Friday except federal  and state holidays) after written notice of failure to pay rent or possession of the Premises; 
      2. If there is an intentional act by the Tenant or the Tenant’s guests that causes destruction, damage, or misuse of the Premises, then MARC has the authority to evict  the Tenant immediately for unreasonable disturbance; 
      3. If Tenant fails to perform any of the stated terms of the Rental Agreement  and fails to comply after seven (7) days of receiving notice; 
      4. Any violation of the rental application or MARC Policies. 
    • POSSESSION – If, after execution of this Rental Agreement by both Parties either: 

      1. Tenant fails to take possession of the Premises the Tenant is still responsible  for paying rent on the Due Date every month and to comply with the provisions of  this Rental Agreement; 
      2. MARC fails to grant possession of the Premises in a good and habitable  condition to Tenant the Tenant has the right to terminate the Rental Agreement with  written notice to MARC. 
    • TERMINATION – The MARC reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, upon sixty (60) days written notice to Tenant, except that  where termination is due to the fault of Tenant, the period of notice may be such shorter  time as may be determined by the City Manager. 


      1. SUBLETTING AND ASSIGNMENT – Tenant agrees not to sublet any part of  the Premises or assign this Rental Agreement without written consent from the MARC.  
      2. MAINTENANCE – Tenant agrees to keep the Premises properly maintained  and in clean, sanitary condition during the term of the Rental Agreement. Tenant  must return the Premises to the same condition existed when Tenant took occupancy. 
      3. It is Tenant’s obligation to notify MARC IMMEDIATELY of any conditions that could be hazardous in or about the Premises. 
      1. Tenant agrees that they will be held accountable for any damage made by Tenant or their guests on the Premises. 
      2. ABANDONED PROPERTY – The MARC will not remove Tenant’s personal property from the Premises unless Tenant has not paid rent or the personal  property has become a nuisance. In this case, Tenant agrees that MARC may remove Tenant’s personal property and is not responsible for storage or disposition.